CybCon22: Advantages of a Model-Centric Cybernetics Paradigm

This is the most recent presentation, which was given at the May 2022 Cybernetics Society's Cybernetics Conversation Conference.

First it demonstrates how the new paradigm can be derived from the first principles of cybernetics and how it naturally extends beyond second-order reflexivity to create a third-order regulator, which is a new class of regulator that is also known as an Ethical Regulator.

Then an intervention is proposed where the definitions of cybernetics are redefined to clearly distinguish between the Science of Cybernetics and the Philosophy of Cybernetics. In this paradigm, third-order cybernetics equates to Ethical Cybernetics, which can be regarded itself as being a third-order ethical regulator of all the other ethically agnostic, dual-use, second-order sciences and social systems.

Click the image to watch the the 1h22m presentation on YouTube.