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Ross's Tools and Creations

This page contains photographs of various tools and things that Ross made. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Ross's Drawing Tools

Ross drew all the figures for his books. Here are some of his drawing tools.

Drawing toolbox and original figure.
Drawing toolbox.
Metal drilled with a graph.
Selection of drawing nibs.
Ross's drawing curves raised on cubes of plastic.

Ross's Woodwork

Ross enjoyed woodwork.

Holder for sawing cylindrical items.
Wood gravers.
Ross carved Rosebud's initials on her art board. ~2.5cm x ~3.5cm.
Jigs made by Ross.
Ross's box of wedges.

Ross's Optical Tools

Ross's interests included astronomy, photography, and watch repairing.

Framework for Ross's 1100mm focal length catadioptric lens for use as a telescope.
This shows how Ross built rings from brown paper, though this is not a very good example.
Beam splitter mirror.
Box made to hold filters.
Hand-made direct micrometer box and three interfitting eyepieces Ross made from adhesive paper.
Lens mounted in cheap sunglasses for fine work. The only one surviving from a box of many.

Other Creations

Here are some other things that Ross made.

Various adapted syringes.
A reel of string holder.
Fine end drawn from plastic tubing when heated.
One of Ross's adapted oilers. He also had one for injecting woodworm holes.
An exercise in precision metalwork. The rotation of one shaft is transmitted through 90° to the other shaft, via 8 bent rods.
Extentions added to pliers for use when heating metal.
Pat's air-lock from Ross's instructions 1958.
Peg attached to a clip. Use unknown.

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