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Ross indexed the following pages under the keyword: "Variety".

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Essential variables use variation amplifier
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [76]: The self locking, ultrastable system deduced from four postulates. DIAGRAM 4158.
Amplifier use of in ultrastability
Variety necessity of
4158 4159
Adaptation new formulation
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [77]: The various aspects of the behaviour of the adapting system seen from the new point of view, 4164.
Summary: The adapting system - generalised, (next section). 4166, 4225
Self-locking system ultrastable system
Variety necessity of
4164 4165
Parameter dominating system
Transmission from system to system
Variety defined
4312 4313
Transformation Monograph
Variable defined
Transformation Monograph
Variety in image
4330 4331
Capacity information
Transformation Monograph
Variety in state
4336 4336+01
Transformation Monograph
Variety theorem on limits
Transformation Monograph
4338 4339

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Summary: Anything that can have variety is really a set.
Variety implies a set
Distinguishability equivalence relation
Epistemology [26]: Indistinguishability is an equivalence relationship, 4475.
4474 4475
Summary: "Stability"defined. A "machine" is a stable sub-set. 4630, 4632, 4643, 4656, 4795
Summary: Every set in a machine generates a stable set that contains it. 4630
Accessible state
Stable set generated by set
Variety in set theory
4624 4625
Homeostasis variety is necessary
Regulation variety is necessary
Requisite Variety, Law of stated
Summary: Only variation can force variation down - exact conditions necessary. 4662, 4674, 4750
Entropy necessary for regulation
Output variety in
Variety necessary for regulation
4658 4659
Question variety in
Selection and variety
Trial and error variety in
Variety in set v. in element
4692 4693
Summary: More homomorphisms quotient machines (4778) 4777
Markov process / chain not provided by determinate machines
Variety in Braille
4730 4731
Summary: A set of determinate machines do not give a Markov chain.
Design in joining
Joining design in
Part joining
Variety in joining
4732 4733
Variety in a vector
Summary: Information going into a system to design two parts. 5006
Behaviour and design
Design and behaviour
Genes as ultimate regulator
Regulation by genes
4736 4737

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Control of system that learns
Learning during regulation
Summary: Observations on controlling a system that can learn.
Design and variety
Information variety is sufficient
Variety and information
4780 4781
Variety in product-machine
Summary: Every machine on states M defies "machines" on states in Mn (n=1,2,...). Only in the latter is variety bound to fall. (Its "tensor powers") 4869
Summary: "Transformation".
Disturbance repetitive disturbance
Mapping and transformation
Transformation definition of
4800 4801
Requisite Variety, Law of re-stated
Variety requisite
Summary: Law of Requisite Variety stated with respect to a rectangular table. Stated purely in terms of set theory 4850
Input saturation of
4846 4847
Summary: The machine of intermittent observation.
Initial state as source of variety
Summary: Initial states may appear simply as a source of variety.
Mapping and machine
Variety due to initial state
4872 4873
Design for "keeping moving"
Variety of "keep moving"
4878 4879
Homeostat theory of
Summary: "Independence" is a special case of "incomplete transmission of variety".
Independence as non-transmission of variety
Variety and independence
4882 4883
Aging (as process)
Experience law of
History aging processes
Machine Markovian, aging in
Markov process / chain aging in
Variety in Markov machines
Habituation in Markov machines
4916 4917
Variety and entropy
Knowledge and equal probability
Probability equal, and ignorance
4922 4923
Summary: Supplementary information and its mode of use.
Variety source of
Evolution as process
4928 4929
Convergence (of lines of behaviour) in random transformation
Information in random machine
Transformation random
Variety and random transformation
4974 4975

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Summary: Kershner and Wilcox' book.
Canonical equations information in
Information in canonical equation
Input of mathematical form
Mathematics variety in
Variety in canonical representation
5160 5161
Summary: Variety in mathematical forms. (Continued 5167.6)
Variety shown by family
Equivalence relation on Markov chain
Lattice of Markov simplifications
Markov process / chain equivalence relation on
5164 5165
Variety real form of
Summary: Real existence of "variety".
Metastability meaning of
5228 5229

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Variety decay of
Summary: Curie's principle is merely a special case of my decay of variety.
5326 5327

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Summary: How this works yields application to psychiatry. 5651
Psychiatric applications [92]: This work yields applications to psychiatry as by-products. 5570.
Aggression and regulation
Variety in aggression
5570 5571

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