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Summary: Testing DAMS. 4511
Design empirical
Epistemology of complex systems
Natural Selection [19]: How to improve a very complex system, 3513.
Natural Selection [44]: Method for improving, 3513.
DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System) [36]: How to improve DAMS, 3513.
Arc in 'cortex' of DAMS (Dispersive and Multistable System)
3513 3514

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Summary: Information in the field and in the equations of an absolute system is S log S. 3695
Summary: The homeostat's amplification factor is less than x1, but I was the first to point this out.
Homeostat variety in fields
Summary: Again the necessity for achieving success by stages.
Design amount of
Natural Selection [6]: Selection in stages can reduce the time from 2p to P, 3662.
3661 3662

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Arc competition among
Order of time
Organisation implies constancy
The Conditioned Reflex [42]: The multistable system probably promotes competition between it's component arcs, 4426.
Design amount of
4426 4427
Summary: One formulation covers "design" "input" and "noise". (Next section) 4449
Design nature of
Information in machine
Epistemology [24]: Distinction between 'design' and 'input' 4449.
4448 4449
Design within Black Box
Transducer inverse of
4460 4461
Summary: Outline of the theory of the Black Box. 4480
Design nature of
4462 4463
Summary: Are there "levels" of design? 4595
Design nature of
Summary: The Black Box is a set.
Summary: Randomisation as a way of passing a message that is no message.
Black box, problem of the is a set
Random coding
Set or Ensemble Black Box as
Epistemology [28]: The Black Box is a set 4481.
Epistemology [52]: Dispersion is used by the experimenter in recording his results, 4481.
4480 4481
Summary: Stability checked.
Summary: Review of the book. [Design for a Brain]
Design as input
Design for a Brain review in 'Galaxy'
Equilibrium proper definition
Personal notes [20]: Reviews of "Design": 4258 Observer, 4309 Citizen, 4380 British Medical Journal, 4423 Journal of Consulting Psychology, 4423 McCulloch, 4446. Hibbert Journal, 4595 Galaxy, 4595 Scientific American, 4643 Occupational Psychology.
4594 4595
Design amount of, partitioned
Summary: If a designer is only partly responsible for the determination of a machine, the fraction (implied by "partly") can be given meaning only if there is no loss of variety in the transduction.
4702 4703
Design standardised form
Regulation standard form
4720 4721
Summary: A set of determinate machines do not give a Markov chain.
Design in joining
Joining design in
Part joining
Variety in joining
4732 4733
Variety in a vector
Summary: Information going into a system to design two parts. 5006
Behaviour and design
Design and behaviour
Genes as ultimate regulator
Regulation by genes
4736 4737

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Control of system that learns
Learning during regulation
Summary: Observations on controlling a system that can learn.
Design and variety
Information variety is sufficient
Variety and information
4780 4781
Summary: "Output to an input" is a relation of order, and may give a lattice.
Arc as partly ordered set
Cortex partly ordered arcs in
Input input to output as order
Lattice input to output lattice
Order among arcs
Output output to input, as order
Partly ordered set arcs as partly ordered set
Summary: Complex taps can be easily built by mere conjunction of many simple. 4792
Design of complex tap
Dynamic system for repetitive work
Machine for repetitive regulation
Relay design of
4788 4789
Summary: Many concepts include that of "reduction". 4880, 4950, 4963
Design and information
Machine as reduction
Prediction as reduction
Problems solving problems
Property as information
Reduction many forms
Relation as information
Code military
Coding theory of
Strategy of trial and error
Trial and error optimal method
4796 4797
Amplifier of regulation
Design with repetition
Summary: Gain in regulation when the sequence has repetition. 4831, 5002, 5070
Design machine showing design
Design rate of change of design
Regulation of design
Epistemology [36]: A machine of n states requires n steps before the observer can know its design 4809.
4808 4809
Searching random is more general
Summary: Strategy of trial and distribution of probabilities. 4849
Summary: Two ways of regarding "design".
Design nature of
4844 4845
Design for "keeping moving"
Variety of "keep moving"
4878 4879
Design of reducible machine
Reducibility and design
Joining design in
5006 5007

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Summary: Converting observed behaviour to specification of machine. 5063, 5081, 6071
Summary: Beware! The "design" of a machine costs simply what is necessary to get it selected from what is available. There is no unique quantity "in" a machine. 5006
Design amount in machine
5060 5061
Deputy design necessary
Design amount for deputy
Machine amount of design
Summary: Briefing a deputy calls for the same capacity as doing the job oneself. 5073
Summary: Amount of design required for a machine to do a job.
5070 5071
Organisation advantage of
Design and reducibility
Regulation and reducibility
5132 5133

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Design for many equilibria
Equilibrium design for many equilibria
DAMS Mark II (Dispersive and Multistable System) [9]: Design for many equations 5476.
5476 5477
Axiom of No Design
Constraint total absence
Design total absence
5508 5509

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Confluant getting smaller confluants
Design for small confluents
6342 6343

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Design informational cost
7090 7091
Summary: An idea, not yet developed.
Design informational cost
7114 7115

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